Best Hunting Dog Breeds

These dogs do not hunt for them but for you, so link a strong bond with them. Never tie them to a chain, if you can not keep them at home, build them a home-backed pen and greet them most often in your home.

So they will feel members of your pack and hunt to please you.

All the hunters have dreamed of the ideal dog, for the small game he listens, he reports, he is clever, with a very fine nose, marks the stop, clean, does not bite the neighbors.

For the big game, it has a nose and only gives on the hunted animal, it is well gorged, it rises, it does not bark with the enclosure, it holds the farm without being hurt.

Depending on the area in which hunting is practiced, there are different breeds of hunting dogs that are better than others. However, at a general level, there is agreement on which dog breeds are the best for hunting.

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retrieves is considered one of the most intelligent dogs of the entire species and in the field of hunting was not going to be less. Thanks to its fur it is considered an excellent water dog because it can move easily in this environment looking for prey.

His active temperament and his high level of learning make him the best companion of man, also for hunting.

Its grip is soft, it hardly damages the prey and its snout is excellent, which also makes it be considered one of the best trackers in all kinds of situations.

German Braco:

This short-haired hunting dog has outstanding hunting skills, so many prefer it to other hunting dogs.

His innate talent to find prey makes him ideal in water, on land and wherever it is needed. He can also follow the trail of other animals and even face them even though they may be bigger than him.

Undoubtedly, if you are put to the test in the water (which you love) and in respect to your snout (one of the best), the owner will not be disappointed.

English Setter:

Considered the noble hunting dog for its tradition in English hunting, the English Setter is one of the best breeds of hunting dogs.

Its explorer character makes it ideal for large areas to look for and its great resistance and sense of smell recommend its support for hunting that requires a long time or is difficult to develop due to the type of terrain.


Not for nothing is it called the raccoon hunter. The Coonhound spends most of its life with its snout on the ground, using its privileged sense of smell to detect any prey, its specialties being both the aforementioned raccoon and opossums.

The Coonhound has a lot of speed, agility, and endurance. He is able to find the prey and tirelessly call his own with a powerful voice, without stopping to pursue the animal in question for a moment.

Breton Spaniel:

The Breton Spaniel is very similar when it comes to working on hunting the Pointer and the Setter. It has an elegant and upright bearing, of a solid and compact constitution, being often very athletic.

It is also one of the most intelligent hunting dogs that exist, but also of great temperament.

Normally he is kind, affectionate with children and adults, but he can be very stubborn and aggressive in intense situations. For this reason in hunting, it is useful in confrontations with prey, being its specialties birds and rabbits.

Their hyperactivity allows them to adapt to all types of terrain, both water, and land, forests, hills, mountainous terrain, flat land. They are specialists in all of them and their resistance allows them to review them in their entirety.

However, their curiosity and desire to exercise often make them wander aimlessly when they should be looking for prey.